Welcome to Sydler Group-Backed By 10 Years of Business Excellence!!

Sydler Group of Companies has been offering excellence in manufacture and export of Herbal formulations since 2004. Our expansive range of Herbal formulations, Nutraceutical, and Foods  have won the hearts of millions across the globe. With stress on quality and affordability, we are continuingly expanding our portfolio with new offerings with stress on market expansion and a wider reach.

Our Products

  • Herbal Formulations
  • Herbal Extract/Phytochemicals
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Agricultural Products & Spices
  • Food for Combating Malnutrition
  • Printing & Packaging

All our products and formulations are from our own manufacturing plant situated in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. Here we are able to keep a strict vigil on product quality and ensure that only the best items reach our target markets. This is the most advanced manufacturing facility designed on the guidelines of cGMP.

Sydler printing & packaging department has been churning out high-quality products for a wide range of industries since 2009. It uses well-equipped and sophisticated machinery for manufacture of varied printing materials and corrugated boxes with strict quality standards. When it comes to offering packaging solutions ours is a numero uno name signifying accuracy and precision. Our continued strive towards perfection helps us to resolve challenging tasks successfully.

Industries we cater for printing & packaging solutions

Sydler Group of Companies caters to varied industries across the globe and offer state of the art packaging solutions. These include:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Ready-made garments
  • Textiles
  • Cosmetics & beauty care products
  • Stationary
  • Foods and Beverages

These are only a few among an exhaustive list of clientele across a wide range of industry types that swear by Sydler printing and packaging solutions. We have pioneered latest technological innovations in the field of organic cultivation right from the growing stage to its packaging and export. No wonder we are proud of our achievements!

Recently we have diversified our work process to encompass:

  • Nutritional food manufacture with malnutrition prevention capabilities
  • Global export of Agricultural Products (commodities) & spices
  • Institutional business (production/supply through different Government bodies & N.G.O.s )

Our flagship brand Nurtisyd offers a complete range of Nutritional products with innovative concepts & benefits to meet the nutritional deficiency and to overcome adverse effects of challenging environment and lifestyle.

We believe in continuous growth and development, which involves strengthening our current position and diversifying into unchartered territory to conquer new markets. Our aim is to develop into a global player with varied interests and investments. Through all this, client satisfaction has remained our foremost aim and we strive continuously to ensure their continued support.


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